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The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the expedient service/execution of all court ordered documents directed to the Sheriff of Calloway County. Deputies assigned to the Units of Process, EPO/Warrants, Evictions/Executions and Vehicle Inspections provide this service.


The Process Unit is responsible for serving civil documents received from the courts.

Find out the status on Summons, Subpoenas, and other court papers.

Warrants and EPOs

The critical and timely service of protective and domestic violence orders received annually, is of the highest priority and the responsibility of the deputies assigned to this unit.

Vehicle Inspections

Kentucky State law requires all vehicles purchased in another state to be inspected by the Sheriff in the County where the vehicle is to be licensed. The inspection is intended to insure that the vehicle is road worthy” and can be operated safely.


This Unit receives court orders directing the Sheriff to evict people from their residential or commercial property or to seize items of personal property to satisfy delinquent debt. Click the above link to view steps on how the eviction process works.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are civil paper fees?

KRS 64.090 (2) establishes that the fee for most civil papers in the State of Kentucky shall be $50.00.

What payment types are accepted?

CCSO accepts Cash, Money orders, and Checks - made out to: Calloway County Sheriff's Office. Be sure to send a self addressed/stamped envelope for your receipt.

How can I tell if my paper has been served?

You can find out the status on summons, subpoenas, and other court papers from our search page found here:This site is currently not available or send a self addressed envelope along with a letter requesting service status of the civil paper(s) in question to:
  Calloway County Sheriff's Office
        Attention: Process Unit
        701 Olive St.
        Murray, KY 42071
If needed, you can also call the number listed at the top of this page.